"Lizzie Strikes Out" premieres August 31, 2001

"Inner Beauty" premieres August 30, 2002

Disney Channel schedule for 9/3:

12:00am - That’s So Raven

12:30am - That’s So Raven

1:00am - Lizzie McGuire (episode And the Winner is)

1:30am - Lizzie McGuire (episode The Longest Yard)

2:00am - Cory in the House

2:30am - Cory in the House

3:00am - Phil of the Future

3:30am - Phil of the Future

4:00am - Kim Possible.

4:30am - Kim Possible

5:00am - Lilo & Stitch

5:30am - Lilo & Stitch

ugh I missed two history posts over the weekend! I’m so sorry guys, I’ve been really busy getting ready for school. I have a short list of things I missed that will be posted next year on the appropriate dates. I just feel really bad, I’m SO sorry

edit: I was ON and POSTING Saturday when I missed one, I’m so mad.


Ethan Craft is all grown up

Disney Channel Schedule for 8/21:

12:00am: That’s So Raven

12:30am: That’s So Raven

1:00am: Cory in the House

1:30am: Cory in the House

2:00am: Even Stevens

2:30am: Even Stevens

3:00am: Lizzie McGuire (episode El Oro de Montezuma)

3:30am: Lizzie McGuire (episode Mom’s Best Friend)

4:00am: Kim Possible

4:30am: Kim Possible

5:00am: Lilo & Stitch

5:30am: Lilo & Stitch

"Gordo and the Girl" premieres August 17, 2001

“My Dinner With Mr. Dig” premieres August 15, 2003

"Rated Aargh!"  premieres August 10, 2001

"Just Like Lizzie" premieres August 9, 2002